Becoming Christian


make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.

Over the last seven months I have experienced tremendous growth in every area of my life. I have surrendered control to God and allowed him to lead, guide and show me the way to live a purpose driven life.

This transformation has taken place in only a few months and I am tremendously more grateful, appreciative and filled with thanksgiving every day.

How has giving up control, trusting and praying changed my life?

Simple. I am grateful.

I have his power with me in all that I do.

I know that I am taken care of. I have faith that God is in control of my unknowns rather than fearing them. I have been blessed every time I was in need and I know all my needs will be met in the future.

My vision has become clearer and I feel significant.

My relationship continues to grow, my prayers became more specific and I have received affirmation after affirmation. I have a purpose and it is the best feeling of significance.

I love deeper.

His love is perfect. No one will ever love you the way our Lord and savior does. Learning to love as graciously as him has restored relationships, allowed me to see good in others, allows me to love fearlessly and not have an expectation of return. My self worth comes from his love and his love alone.

Which has enabled me to detach myself from worldly views, desires and focus on my purpose.

By surrendering my life, I have broken chains and strongholds that have cursed me and my family for generations. These chains block your blessings because they keep you from a closer relationship with Him.

How do you grow closer? How do you surrender? Seems like a lot of work….

Change your circle. If the people you surround yourself with are unequally yolked, are distracting and negative… Time to move on.

Read the word. Scriptures and prayer will manifest your thinking and clear your mind.

Pray. Write it down. Say it out loud. All day. Throughout the day. With people. In solitude.

Detach yourself at least once a day from the world. No IG, no SC, no TV, no music. Allow God to speak to you. If you hear nothing, pray for him to speak. If you still hear nothing, he’s not ignoring you, it is on purpose . You have to spend more time with him,  be patient, be honest, trust and let him work.

If you want true love, happiness and peace then Surrender!

God is going to continue to manifest my life and use me in ways I would’ve never been capable without him.

I can go on and on about the blessings I have received since giving up control and surrendering power. I have not gone with out one time since quitting my accounting job, I have been blessed with opportunity after opportunity, he’s watched over me with my car breakdowns, given me meaningful jobs, introduced me to kids to mentor, coach, teach and tutor, I have received unexpected checks, strengthened family relationships, been given affirmations for my career path but the summation of everything, including my struggles is I am grateful!

A little over seven months ago I was wrapped up in going out, dating athletes, competing with other women, going hard on the gram….. All because I was missing something. Was I searching for it? Yes, just in all the wrong places. When I finally looked upon the one that I could fully lean on and receive all the love and self worth I needed, is when my heart opened up and my future became brighter. I know live to serve him and others. Every day I will seek to fulfill his purpose by continuously showing his grace and love. I have fully transformed and will continue to evolve into a better Christian woman each and every day, in Jesus name!

There is power in the name of Jesus.


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