The World Longs for You to Find Your Unique Place in it


First off, graduate school at Saint Mary’s has been extremely transformative. I get so excited to share what I am learning because it is life-changing and these theories must be passed on and shared. I was blessed to have an instructor whose late husband spent his life developing something called the Hall- Tonna Values Map. Studying these values has awakened my consciousness and allowed me to see the world differently.

What exactly are values?

According to Hall there are 125 values that potentially dwell within us. Values are simply where you put your energy. Values drive, motivate and give purpose to your life. Sadly, many of us do not develop and grow to use many of these values. That’s why today I’d like to share a value that I believe will initiate your conscious shift. I have many friends that have stated “I don’t know what I want to do with my life,” “I don’t know what I am here for,” “I don’t know my purpose” or “I feel lost.” These are great questions to transcend you into the next phase in your life.

To understand me more, these are my vision values:

Word-Direct communication from leadership that empowers and inspires others to wider vision at a global impact level.

Global Justice-Commitment to the fact that all persons have equal value but different gifts and abilities to contribute to society, combined with the capacity to elicit inter-institutional and governmental collaboration that will help provide the basic life necessities for the disadvantaged.

But, I understand for me to maximize my potential and lean into that vision I have to focus on other values first. These values will better shape me and equip me with the skills I will need to see my dream through. In other words adhering to these values is like planting a seed for me to harvest later.

Belief/Philosophy/Value– You are seen as a person who shares his/her beliefs and values and practices them. You are not perfect but you try to live out your values particularly in fairness and responsibility.

Accountability/Ethics- You constantly make your values and beliefs explicit as a basis for sound honest and ethical behavior. You encourage others to be aware of their values and the connection to the world.

Self-Actualization-Encouraging friends to grow through self-reflective examination, attention to health and the development of knowledge through reading and learning.

The value I would love YOU to focus on is:

Search/Meaning/Hope-Personal exploration arising from an inner longing and curiosity to integrate one’s feelings, imagination and objective knowledge in order to discover one’s unique place in the world.

To lean into this value, you must commit yourself to who you are and who God intended you to be. Adhere to your values and work every day towards your vision and passions. The only way to successfully do this is by eliminating distractions, negativity and social pressures and focus on YOU and your unique calling. We all have come into this world with unique talents and gifts that we are to spread and share with the world. But, often we become distracted and pulled back by negative things. We place our energy into values that do not serve our vision. As adults we end up going through the motions, have a lack of enthusiasm about life, become depressed, pretend, lose who we are and become spiritually stagnate because we are not living purpose driven lives or using our potential.

Ever feel like you are living someone else’s life? I did. Every day for 2.5 years I got up went to work at my big girl job, worked hard and earned a decent paycheck. But I never felt it was enough. I was consistently comparing myself to someone else. Comparing their accomplishments, paychecks, houses, car, relationships and their appearance to my own. My self talk was terrible, I was hiding depression, had a failing marriage and was overweight.

I hated who I became. I wasn’t were I envisioned myself to be at 24. But, I couldn’t hit the refresh button and start over. So I continued to go through the motions every day, fearful of letting my parents down and embarrassed of what others may think. I cared so deeply of what others thought success was that I lost who I was. It is incredibly hard to acknowledge and even more difficult to change our behaviors because we have so many pressures. Pressures from bosses, spouses, families, friends, social media and so on. We start doing things because we are trying to keep up with the Kardashians, seek attention/approval or live someone else’s life. But this will never find us true happiness or peace.

Instead of focusing on self, we need to focus on what we can be of service to. How can I contribute to the world? We lose our focus and ourselves more and more each day by trying to be something that is not us. God has given you your uniqueness, you don’t have to fake it or make it, it is already within you. When you let go and let God, you give up control over these pressures and can transform your life into something greater than you can ever imagine.

Search/meaning/hope, is your daily habits, self-talk, energy, and actions that position you to find your unique place in the world and live a purpose driven life.

What are you doing today to enhance the development of your maximum potential and find your unique place in the world?



Hall, B. P. (1994).  Values shift:  A guide to personal and organizational transformation.  Rockport, MA:  Twin Light Publishers.


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